Why I vote on TalkHelper’s Skype call recorder on Windows PC

Skype is the leading online communication solution for free audio and video calling, still standing tall in front of major competitors such as FaceTime and Apple. Moreover, Skype once had more than 50 million users at a time, which is an impressive record.

However, despite this huge popularity of Skype, it lacks one important feature: recording. One can find a lot of reasons to record their Skype calls: simply for replaying later and checking the details of the conversation, posting the video on a podcast or having a recording as a proof for hiring someone. These are only couple of reasons – you can find a lot more, depending how you use Skype.

With the huge opportunity left by the lack of a recording feature from Skype, many companies took the chance and came with recording software. One of the best, if not the best Skype call recorder for Windows is TalkHelper.

When you need to record Skype calls for business or personal purpose, there are many add-ons to pick, but in this review we are going to focus on how to record audio-video calls with TalkHelper. In many countries is illegal to record a call on Skype without your partner’s permission, so you need to keep this in mind before you click on the record button. If you fail to announce your partner that you are recording the call, you might have legal issues.

Why TalkHelper?


TalkHelper began as a free Skype call recorder plugin, but now is not free anymore. However, you will see the service is worth the money.

TalkHelper allows you to record and save your Skype calls, voicemails and video messages professionally and smoothly. The video content is saved in AVI format with a XVID codec support, while the audio content is saved in MP3 or WAV format with mono or stereo options. What makes TalkHelper different from other recorders is the fact it records “inside” the Skype, not outside, as most plugins. This allows you to record your Skype calls regardless if the call is in a regular window, full screen or even a floating window.

TalkHelper has another advantage as well: it is always updated to be compatible with the latest version of Skype. If you are using a dedicated version of Skype for your device, you are also covered by TalkHelper.

This tool is also very easy to use, which is a great benefit for those who are not experts in IT, yet still need a Skype call recorder. You can opt for automatic recording: each time you open Skype, TalkHelper will start recording the calls. It will record both incoming and outgoing calls, conference calls, only audio calls and will download the voicemail content. At the end of the day, you will find your calls in the folder where the tools saves them. You can also pause and restart the recording.

Once you decide to try TalkHelper, it provides you a 30 days money back guarantee. The purchase of this recording tool is linked to the SkypeID and is lifetime valid.

How to record Skype calls with TalkHelper on Windows


The entire download and installation process of TalkHelper takes less than one minute, so you will be able to start recording in the blink of an eye.

Start by downloading TalkHelper from their official website and install it on your computer. For the time being, the tool is only available for Windows users, so it won’t work on Mac or other OS. Make sure you already have Skype installed before starting TalkHelper installation.

installation of TalkHelper

During the TalkHelper installation you might want to uncheck additional options and installations.

When the installation is finished you can click the recorder’s icon and launch it or first launch Skype and then the recording tool. When you will launch Skype, you will be notified about the plugin and asked to allow the tool to access Skype – give it permission.

connect to Skype

When both programs are running, you can start record Skype calls. To test the recording make a call to a friend or to Skype Test Call. The automatic call recording option is enabled by default, so the recorder will start doing its job as soon as you make the call.

start recording on Skype

You can stop or pause the recording from the TalkHelper toolbar any time you want.

When the call is over, you can find the recordings in the TalkHelper folder, in the Documents folder, organized by date, which makes it easier for you to manage them and find a specific recording.


How to manually record your Skype calls

 If you don’t want to let the recorder do it’s job automatically, you can uncheck the option from the Tools-Options-General menu. This way, every time you want to record a call, you will do it manually.

  1. Each time you start a Skype call, the Record button will be activated; if you want to record the call, press the button and make sure you review the recording options. You can choose to focus on audio part if you don’t need the video as well.
  2. After the recording is finished, you can play it back with your own media player.
  3. For each recording you can add memos, which is a great feature if you want to record instructions, interviews or podcasts.
  4. To make sure you avoid failures of all type, test the recorder before each important call. It’s advised not to use other audio-video recording software during Skype calls recordings. Also, turn off the unnecessarily services during a call, especially if your computer is a bit old. This will save the RAM and CPU, directing the system resources towards the recorder.

P.S: Skype is a tool used by all types of people and companies, even universities. Harvard is one of the most important universities in the world which uses Skype for interviewing their candidates. If you rely on Skype as well, you have to include a recorder in your set of tools and the best option you have is TalkHelper, which can record your calls smooth and easy.



Why You Need Skype Phone Gold

Skype Phone Gold is a phone Skype software, which is similar to that used by detectives and spies in the past. However; in the recent times, Skype phones have grown in popularity among the local population. They are used to monitor personal issues and surveillance in many types of scenarios. One could be wondering how these apps or programs work. They provide two basic and different services to their users. The first one is an SMS Catcher. This service allows one to track all the short message texts associated with the phone. This includes both send and received SMS’s. One may also call a secret number with is linked to the phone and this will enable one listen to all the conversations, and possibly Skype Phone Gold is capable of these and many more abilities.

Skype Phone Gold cannot be detected


The good thing about Skype Phone Gold is that the user cannot detect the presence of the gadget’s network. There is also a second service that can be called the interceptor. This service works just like the SMS catcher with additional features of intercepting calls received and called by the targeted phone. This will give you an opportunity to listen to all the conversations and the targeted phone will not know of the presence of the Skype. But what is the essence of Skype Phone Gold? Read on.

Skype Phone Gold is an effective way of curbing cheating in a relationship. One could be having doubts in their partner’s conduct and requires clarifying any allegations that you could have heard. However; such situations may call for services of a private detective or agents who will do the work for you at a cost. This is an expensive venture whose cost could be greatly reduced by using Skype Phone Gold. Skype Phone Gold will enable you get into all the text messages and listen to all the conversations that could be suspicious. Take the matter into your hands and save your cash instead of using private detectives in unveiling your wife’s or husband’s straying ways.

Always try to record Skype calls with TalkHelper, that’s my tip.

Skype Phone Gold can monitor conversations in a room


You may be out of your work place and would want to monitor your employees or workmate’s conversation; then you need to have Skype Phone Gold so as to know who to associate with. This could be instrumental on a business meetings and when you are not there to defend yourself. You

Skype Phone Gold is the Most Powerful Phone Skype Available

may leave your phone behind and detect all the conversation in the meeting. This will give you an insight of what people think about you and who your real friends are. There is no better way of knowing people who are speaking behind your back than getting one of these phones.

If you are a leader to a team or a company, it is ideal to know how your workmates or staff interacts with your clients. Team work is one of the driving factors towards the success of a team or a company. Some of the staff could be untrustworthy and could be sharing most of secretes of the company to your competitors. The best way of detecting such incidences is by using Skype Phone Gold to track any suspicious staff members. This will give you leverage on how you could deal with him or her.

The advancement of technology has made it easy for one to track another person form the comfort of your home or office. This software has been instrumental in revealing most of the secrets that could otherwise been hidden by using a phone. Most of their data is documented and one could not easily deny any allegations as long as they have been tracked using Skype Phone Gold. The best part of this technology is that it can be used to trap most of the plans against you prior to it happening. Skype Phone Gold is an ideal choice if you have any doubts in your partner’s or friend’s suspicious activities.

Learn more about Skype Phone Gold


Looking for the most powerful phone Skype available? Skype Phone Gold will monitor text messages, let you listen in on live calls and much, much more. Catch your cheating spouse, keep track of your teenager, or uphold your company’s phone policy easily. Click the links to learn more about the features, and get Skype Phone Gold today.

A Phone Tracker Will Uncover the Truth

A phone tracker is an application that is installed into a targeted phone, which sends all the phone’s active information to a secure webpage, from where they can be retrieved even if the information has been deleted. The communication from a phone tracker is very accurate revealing all the text and emails, location of the phone by GPS, pictures and even videos taken by the targeted phone. This advancement of technology has been very instrumental in the day to day lives for those seeking the truth. It has been used by professionals and on personal levels to give a true insight of what the targeted individual does with the phone and where he/she is.

Expose affairs with a phone tracker


In the present world, the issue of discreet relationships has been tricky. Most families go through unnecessary frustrations because of mistrust and suspicion. One of the partners could be suspecting that the other partner is having an affair outside their marriage or relationship. This has led to many divorces and family break-ups and separations. But how can one uncover the truth about their partners conduct? Get a phone tracker to your partner’s phone and get to know if he/she is cheating on you or not. There is no need of hiring a private detective as this could be costly yet you may do the work by yourself.

People think that when they use their phones to text or email, all the data is lost when you delete it from the phone. However; this is not true as a phone tracker is able to retrieve even the deleted texts. The targeted phone sends all the texts and conversations to a secured web space and the tracker can get access to all the information. Do not dwell on suspicion alone, learn how to record calls or use a phone tracker to clarify all the allegations you might have towards your partner. Some families break up because of allegations, yet without uncovering the truth.

A phone tracker has been instrumental in curbing criminal cases in most countries. It has been used by police and detectives when they want to get sufficient evidence to link a suspect to a certain crime. A phone tracker is one of the best means of getting the truth about a crime. When the police put a case before a judge, they are supposed to present sufficient evidence to link the suspect to the crime. Thanks to the invention of this software, it is being used to get accurate information about a crime.

Parents can use a phone tracker to monitor their teenagers


Most parents could be wondering if their teens are really telling then the truth when they are going to sleep over at a friend’s place. It has been noted that most teenagers use this excuse when they want to go out and stay out late. This has made most parents use a phone tracker to know


The installation of phone tracker software is not rocket science. It is a simple task that can be done within a short timeframe. For most users, they install the software to their partner’s phones at night when they are asleep, or away from their phone. In most every case, installation is a quick and easy process done in minutes, without the user knowing.

Finding the right phone tracker


Looking for a trusted and reliable phone tracker? Used successfully for ease of use and reliability, ‘Mobile Spy’ can capture incoming and outgoing text messages, emails, phone call information, and show you GPS locations and photos and videos even if they get deleted by the phone’s user. You can even get a ‘real-time’ view of the user’s screen with Mobile Spy’s live control panel option.

If you need to monitor your family or employees, or just need to find out the truth quickly, ‘Mobile Spy’ is the most trusted and most reliable phone tracker available. Click the links to learn more about this powerful phone tracker.

Call Logging Software Makes Life Easier

A call logging software, or call logger, is a software program that is used for recording conversations on phones. In landlines, the call logger is typically built-in to the telephone. In modern cell phones, there are software applications that can be used for the same purpose. The following explains what call logging is and how it can make life easier.

Everyone can benefit from call logging software


Before, only companies that conduct over-the-phone business use call loggers. They use the call loggers to backup conversations for later reference, which helps them review the concerns of the caller and ultimately help them find a solution. Call centers are the best example of companies using call loggers. Today, however, practically anyone can use and benefit from call logging software. Since the utility was made into digital software, it can run on various makes of smart phones available on the market today.

Call logging software applications are oftentimes used to record Skype calls with accountants and lawyers, as well as any other professional consultations. You’d think that that’s the only purpose of call logging software, but there’s more. The software programs can be used for recording personal phone calls, too. There are entry-level call logging software sold commercially, which can be used for home purposes. In contrast, there are sophisticated business call loggers that are used for large commercial operations, and can support extensive communications systems.

It’s important to note that there are a handful of legal issues concerning the use of call logging software. In some states in the US, the state laws require that all parties of a phone conversation must be well aware that the phone call is being recorded. Otherwise, it would be a major breach of personal privacy rights. Sometimes, people receive automated messages or prompts on or before the phone call, telling them that the conversation is being monitored. When you call a service hotline, you may receive a message saying something similar to “This conversation is monitored.”

Make life easier and more convenient with call logging software


In some places, only one party needs to be informed when a conversation is being monitored or recorded. If you’re inside a state that enforces strict call logging regulations, however, you can get sued for recording calls without the other person’s knowledge. It’s necessary to know the laws in your area before attempting to record phone calls with call logger, in order to sidestep trouble.

The most basic call logging software application does only simple call recording, where the details such as the date and time of call, the caller ID, and the duration of the call are recorded. Advanced call logging software, on the other hand, has computer interface programs that document every minute detail of a phone call. The software archives everything from bits and pieces of information to the complete recording of the conversation.

NCH Call Logging Software Has The Best Options

call-logging-softwareAn advanced call logging application is usually operated by a technician. For instance, if a customer requests a specific service, the logger software will record not only the request, but the technician’s action, as well.

Call logging software can offer some valuable protection


The most common job of technicians is to manage the automatically generated transcripts of the calls, which are put into backup databases and stored there for permanent record. Call loggers can be used to protect companies from certain liabilities. The all-too-common he-said-she-said dispute can be avoided with a call logging software. Avoiding disputes like these, a company can protect itself from potential suits and other fiscal liabilities. In sensitive calls where a third party is involved, call logging can also be used to serve as evidence.

In summary, there are many uses for call logger software. In the old days, it’s only used by big telecommunication companies. But today, it is widely available and used at home, office, and practically everywhere.

Looking for a way to personally track phone communications? Click the links for NCH Software, the best in business and personal call logging software. If you are looking for a trusted service to record your incoming and outgoing phone conversations, take a look at the RecordiaPro service. Click these links for the best in call logging software and services.

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