Ecamm call recorder review

What’s Ecamm

Ecamm‘s Call Recorder plugin for Skype is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use solution for allowing voice and video call recording for Skype, well worth the $15 price — a highly recommended plugin for anybody with a Mac who wants to keep records of the Skype voice and video calling history.

ecamm call recorder

I ran into a scenario over the weekend in which I’d scheduled exactly what I knew would be a long interview, something I wanted to be able to refer to later this week once I am writing up a profile of my topic for a project I am working on.

Once I did an interview having forgotten to put batteries in the cassette recorder, and had to face the ignominy of asking my assignment subject to allow me to re-conduct our conversation the following day.

Needless to say, the simplest thing might be for Apple to enable (or at least approve) a extensive recording mechanism to get iPhone calls, but since that’s not the case at present — and may or may not be grist for another post — I decided to use Skype for our phone once I discovered Call Recorder and installed it.

Features of Ecamm

Ecamm call recorder for Skype comes with a multitude of characteristics that give the experience to create, store and release any kind of audio call and recorded video. It offers excellent video and audio recording with enhancements and noise removal that significantly optimizes the recording quality.

The compression tools permit the application to gain a minimum footprint on network resources, therefore allowing users to seamlessly work while recording high quality audio and video calls. The editing features allow users to produce top excellent HD podcasts from files instead of editing them audio and video editing software, allowing direct publishing.

You can try the program for 7 days and then purchase it at $29.95.

Phone Recorder works with both calls and calls that are audio.

Video calling is much more private than calling by voice. I like having the ability to see the face of someone while I am talking about them.

My partners and I had video calls when I was constructing a business plan for my fantasy brewery. My buddy refered some of the partners, I had never met them in-person. So watching their face really helped build rapport.

Sometimes I use the audio feature for calls. I don’t understand all the technical stuff, but there even mobile or sound quality from digital calls via an internet service like FaceTime or Skype, compared to standard calls by cell phone.

There are many uses for documenting digital calls. Call Recorder might be perfect if you:

  • Generate a podcast like MicroBrew
  • Want to record a significant business call
  • Or only want to save a special call with a loved one

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