Evaer Skype Video Recorder Detailed Review



For quite a while I have wanted to understand how to record conversations on Skype with Evaer’s Skype video recorder, mainly for the purposes of making sound podcasts.

After much research I chose to purchase a third party Skype certified plugin named Evaer since this can capture system sound through my soundcard.

Whether it’s a Skype phone conversation or a Skype conversation you’re able to capture the system audio.

Why I choose Evaer

The beauty of this plugin is that it also outputs a conversation between two people to a mp3, meaning that my voice could be recorded to the channel while another person’s voice is listed to the right channel.

This is great for post production motives because get everything and you’re going to want to tweak the audio levels.

I can not tell you exactly how many animations get the sound levels terribly incorrect, making an interview almost unlistenable.

Audio Recording Quality

Is the quality of the output by Evaer.

It is important to see there are two types.

If you are using a PC-PC Skype dialog, your quality degrees are contingent on soundcards and the microphones you are using.

You can find a great quality, like in this video game me and a friend made where we utilized USB microphone headsets.

If you want, you can also record directly into something such as Audacity or even Sony Vegas while Evaer is running.

In this way, you can swap out the audio from Evaer with greater quality audio on your end. You cannot do anything about another person’s audio excellent level though.

If you are putting a phone call through Skype, then Evaer is going to give you phone call excellent audio.

The audio quality will be poor even in case you use an expensive mic. You may Compensate for this by simply doing as I only implied in the last part: by recording into another editor while Evaer is recording the Skype call. In post production, you overlay the higher quality noise so at least one side of the conversation is clearer.

In the audio editor you can split the stereo monitor on to audio channels — left and right. It is important because you will want to tweak the volume on either sound monitor to do this. The voice is too quiet, at times it’s off the graph LOUD!

Unfortunately Evaer does not normalize audio levels automatically so be sure you get this right… and remember the overall master volume of the whole conversation. Make certain that it isn’t peaking and make sure that it isn’t too quiet.

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