Rogue amoeba’s piezo


If you find recording audio of the Mac’s apps too awkward, the experts at Rogue Amoeba have the program for you. The company’s newest program is Piezo, a lightweight and simple to use sound recorder.

Piezo is made for users who want to just and quickly record Skype calls, whether it be in a microphone or from one of the programs of your Mac. (by way of example, say you want to record a Skype conversation, or something that’s playing in your Web browser.) Just select the source in the drop-down menu, then pick on your quality, and hit the red button. Piezo VU meters begin bouncing into the rhythm as the seconds tick by and will illuminate. When you are done, stop recording and click on on the magnifying glass that seems to show your file from the Finder. If nothing else, the program’s interface is gorgeous, without slavishly sticking to ideals that are skeuomorphic evoking an actual recording console.

Overview of Piezo for Skype

Piezo supports 128-kbps, and 64-kbps stereo AAC, as well as sound in VBR stereo MP3. Bear in mind that before Piezo can record audio from any program, relaunch and it will have to quit that program. Rogue Amoeba’s stronger (and pricier) Audio Hijack Pro sports an Instant Online attribute that may circumvent this condition.

Rogue Amoeba is, clearly, the purveyor of many fine audio-related apps, like Airfoil, Fission, and the above Audio Hijack Pro.

Piezo requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later; you can pick it up for $10 and out of either Rogue Amoeba’s website or the Mac App Store. A free trial lets you record up to 10 minutes of sound per launch.

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