Vodburner for Windows

Vodburner Overview


If you would like to record video Skype calls and you don’t mind paying, you have lots of choices. If you do not need to pay, however, there’s one app which jumps out as the leader — Vodburner.

Vodburner will let you record video calls for free, but there are two ailments that are simple. If the person who you’re about the call with and you have Vodburner you can record the call without restriction. If you’ve got Vodburner, but the other person doesn’t, you may still record free but the call with have a Vodburner watermark. If you don’t want to have the watermark you’ll have to pay.

How to Use it

Installing Vodburner is easy . The installer is different than the installer to get any application. When you’ve set up Vodburner you ought to authorize Vodburner’s usage using Skype. Skype will show a notification saying that Vodburner is hoping to obtain access to Skype, and this has to be accepted by clicking on the Permit Accessbutton previously Vodburner will operate.

Vodburner will start to record automatically once Vodburner was awarded access to Skype. This toolbar will enable you to know that the phone is recording. You may select to stop recording at any moment by pressing on the Pause or even Cease button. The Pause button will stop the recording, but may also keep on recording to the identical file as soon as you restart. Cease will discard the record and start recording to another file if you press on the album button.

You might choose to disable the call recording feature in Vodburner, if you do not have to record all your calls. To do that click the Options tab. Click Configureafter which Recording. Un-check the automated recording checkbox.

In case both parties have it installed, Vodburner doesn’t leave a watermark. Upon every call, Vodburner will ask if you want to alert the person that they are being recorded.

Vodburner has basic and limited video editing features, like transitions, so there is no need to enter a video editing program that is separate if that’s all you want to do. In any event, these six popular video-editing software are likely to be helpful if you’re interested in finding more editing functionality. Vodburner is a free download for Windows.